In 1942 and 1943 this squadron flew B-25 Mitchell bombers in the 10th Air Force in India.  In 1944 the squadron moved to
Yangkai, China, to become a part of the 14th Air Force, the Flying Tigers, under command of General Claire Chennault.  The
squadron continued operations from Yangkai through the remainder of the war.

After the war, members formed the 22nd Bomb Squadron Association, to preserve the history, fellowship and tradition of their
World War II experiences and to meet annually for social, business and educational purposes.

In 1938 the 22nd had been commissioned as a heavy bombardment squadron.  By 1941 it was flying B-17's out of Australia and
Java.  In 1942 the ground echelon was reorganized in South Carolina as the 22nd Bombardment Squadron.  The air echelon was
known at that time only as Project #157.  They were assigned B-25's and flew them to Karachi, India (present day Pakistan),
where they carried out combat missions from India and China as a part of the China Air Task Force.  The 22nd Bomb Squadron
participated in a daring daylight raid on Hong Kong harbor on October 25, 1942, a strategic follow-up to Jimmy Doolittle's
famous raid on Japan just five months earlier.

Late in 1942 the 22nd Bombardment Squadron (M) came together as part of the 341st Bombardment Group (M) at Chakulia,
India, about 100 miles west of Calcutta.  Throughout 1943 the squadron attacked Japanese lines of supply and airfields in
Burma, helping to keep open the only remaining Allied supply line from India, over the Himalaya Mountains (the Hump) to China.
 From early 1944 until the end of the war the squadron operated out of Yangkai, near Kunming, Yunnan Province, in the
southwesterly part of China.  From that location, the squadron continued to protect the Hump air lift by giving air support to
Allied land operations in northern Burma.  In addition, the squadron conducted aerial attacks on enemy supply lines in French
Indochina (now Vietnam) and throughout southeast China and the South China Sea.
The officers of the 22nd Bomb Squadron Association are:
President: Joan McDowell
Vice President: Rupert McDowell
Past President: Laurie Jones
Secretary-Treasurer:  David Hayward
Reunion Chairman: Rupert McDowell
Newsletter Editor: David Hayward